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"Mark, I had been looking for a leg spin coach for a while and couldn’t find one. I then found your website. I am convinced that you are the correct way to go because in 3 sessions with you my son has started to curve the ball which he has never done before. I relooked at the Warne video last night and Terry Jenner stated that very few young leg spinners curve the ball or they do funny things with their body to achieve it. You have taught him to do it
with good technique. Thanks for being around." 
Stan - Father

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the one lesson given to David at Kingsgrove Sports Centre. You instilled in David the grip, gather, release and follow through. David was then selected to attend the under 14 Tamworth Cricket Festival to compete against teams from Coffs Harbour, Manning, Tamworth, Nambucca Bellingen, Lismore Quirindi, and West Pennant Hills/Cherrybrook. David took 4/24, 6/24 inc 3 maidens. 2/16 and 1/6 making him the leading wicket taker with 13 wickets, 8 wickets was the closest." David - Father

I’ve had two games since my coaching lesson with Mark. I’ve finally been landing the ball on the spot where I’d like it to land and have since taken my first 4 wickets for the season including a 3/11 off 8 overs. I’ve also had only one innings at bat and I scored 88 runs - this is more than double my previous high score after 8 seasons of cricket! Those stats should speak volumes regarding Mark’s knack for coaching. Highly recommended! Brett - Player

"Braden is doing very well this season & enjoying his cricket immensely. Particularly his new found freedom and ability to hit through the off side with conviction off both back & front foot, where he is now confident with his head over the ball. He has said on a few occasions how he has felt so much more comfortable since your coaching sessions. The drills and advice you gave him have really paid off Mark and I just wanted to thank you for enriching his enjoyment (and ours as we watch him!) in this great game."
Phil King - Father

"It was such a great opportunity to train and be coached by Nathan Lyon. Thank you for organising it. Hudson got a real kick out of it.

Hudson thoroughly enjoyed the winter coaching clinic. Although he was probably the youngest at the clinic and there were some much older and more skilful clinic participants, he felt completely comfortable in the clinic environment. He said he got a lot out of it, and from my observation, on the last session, he received relevant individualised coaching as well as group tuition.

I think you have such a warm approach to coaching, it seems like you really enjoy it, and that in turn makes it fun for the participants. You have an amazing memory for names, and the language you use with the boys is positive and confidence-building.

Hudson can’t wait for your next clinic!

Thanks again,


“I had been plodding along, trying to put together a technique that I thought worked. Mark made the time for me and broke down and rebuilt my technique in simple chunks. He explained things in a way that I found easy to understand, then put simple steps in place that I could remember and apply during my training but also in games. Mark’s good manner and clear and concise instructions helped me vastly in having not only my most successful, but also enjoyable season.The end result was that I scored my first 100, averaged 50 playing for the 2s, I won Most Improved Player at the club and have since been made 2nd Team Captain, on top of this, I now have a technique, I understand, rely on and can replicate over and over again.  I am not alone in thinking this, Mark, will and should go far as a coach."
Tom Ansell – Finchampstead CC (UK) - Player

When I brought Harley to you last year I was only thinking of specialist leg spin coaching for him. However watching you work with him this month on his batting we’ve both realised that you are a great all round cricket coach! You have a great knack for spotting subtle technique problems and helping to correct them. Harley enjoys working with you, and you have a way of getting the best out of him. He has worked with several coaches in the past, but none have been as good as you in the communication department with young kids. Your patient, encouraging, communication style has made a big difference to his learning and progress. He is now playing rep cricket as a result. Lou - Father

"We booked ten sessions and only have been able to get Marty to three of these because his cricket commitments have not allowed us to fit in another scheduled session to date. Marty took 6 wickets in rep’s on the weekend and he is ripping the ball a long way. He says it is from the work he has done with his coach, his release definitely looks different then last season. Thanks for the wonderful advise so far and I know Marty can’t wait till he can finish his sessions with you Mark."
Marty’s Dad Mark - Father, Penrith

“Mark has been a breath of fresh air for me. I have been bowling leg spin for about 15 years now but have never had formal coaching. I have had plenty of “advice” from well intentioned people who basically just suggest you “Bowl like Warnie”. If it was that easy everyone would do it! Mark has given me practical advice on what is important to focus on as a spin bowler at the level in which I play. In just three months so far I have already gained significant value from his coaching. I am turning the ball more and bowling fewer loose deliveries. Most of all Mark keeps the coaching sessions fun. I almost enjoy it more than the games!”
Dane Pymble - Player Warringah Shires

"After only a few lessons Ryan in his latest match has managed to take a hat trick and make a swashbuckling 14 with the bat. Really enjoying his cricket and looks forward to the lessons which are conducted in a fun format with lots of variety."
  Dennis - Father, Narara

"Mark has made adjustments to my game which included applying more revolutions on the ball. Other corrections included arm height, shoulder and wrist position. I would recommend anyone of any age to contact Mark to further progress their game."
Matthew - Player 

"My son became really keen on cricket but did not have any idea about batting or bowling and, of course, his Dad couldn’t teach him anything. In one lesson Mark was able to shape him up and after a season of coaching he has become a very passable cricketer. While this may not sound a ringing endorsement my son is anything but athletic so it is a fantastic achievement. On top of that he can be very difficult to communicate with, his relationship with Mark is fantastic and was so right from the beginning, something my son’s school teachers have not been able to master. He looks forward to his sessions with Mark just as much as a game."
- a Father

"My son Sam has prospered and developed in all aspects of his cricket under the tutelage of Mark. Mark has completely reformed an ungainly impractical leg spin action and developed Sam’s batting and wicket keeping skills phenomenally. Mark has an excellent cricket knowledge and I have found him incredibly insightful in analysing all elements of Sam’s cricket. However, I think Mark’s real strength is his ability to connect with the boy being coached. Mark has enhanced Sam’s enthusiasm for the great game of cricket and he truly looks forward to every session with Mark as a chance to learn and enjoy himself."
Dave - Father 

"Mark is amazingly instructive, patient and helpful in all aspects of the game of cricket. He is encouraging, positive and importantly maintains a fun atmosphere in the training sessions. I’m very impressed with Mark’s knowledge, experience and methods of coaching. I am extremely happy to have Mark coaching my son, Andrew, as he is loving his cricket and getting some very good results."
Alan - father. 

"Mark has helped me tremendously with my cricket. Not only the stuff I didn’t know but also the stuff I thought I knew. In such a small time I have learnt so much from how to play a cover drive to how to pick spin bowling."
Andrew - player. 

"Very happy with the services provided by Mark. Prior to the start of this season, Mark helped correct some minor yet vital flaws in my batting technique. Mark managed to help me overcome the deficiencies in my game and I am all the better for it. With regards to bowling, Mark’s training and mentoring has given me more confidence, and I’ve gained a couple of extra yards in pace as well. I look forward to utilizing Mark’s services in the next pre-season."
- Player

"I was looking for somebody that could improve and refine Andrew’s batting, bowling and fielding. Since you have taken him for coaching he has really come on. Under your guidance he managed to make an IDCA team in only his second season of cricket, and DCA the following year. Your holistic approach not only aided his technique, but also the gave him the mindset needed to improve his game. I thoroughly recommend your coaching sessions to anybody who wishes to better themselves in this wonderful sport."
- a Father

"I have been playing cricket for almost 20 years now and have a vast experience with different coaches. Mark has been fantastic both as a coach and a really enjoyable and down to earth person to deal with and talk to. Mark clearly has a vast knowledge of the game and experience at the highest level. I’ve also found Mark to be by far the most helpful person in teaching leg-spin. Unfortunately, many coaches try their best but have no practical experience as a leg-spinner bowler. Mark can really empaphise with the pressures of being a good spin bowler and my bowling has developed exponentially with his help. The difference he made in just a few weeks by finally giving me access to some good spin advice was night and day. As you can see by watching first-class cricket, no two leg-spinners are the same. Mark has been great in finding that balance between retaining my natural skills and harnessing it with the right amount of technical changes. Although I primarily came to Mark to develop my bowling, he has been great in helping my batting as well. I would absolutely recommend Mark as a coach and my own bowling has been testament to how quickly he can make improvements."
Ben Gussey - Player

"I started playing cricket a few years ago for fun but I was lacking technique. Since I have been coached by Mark, my batting has really picked up and I have gained a huge amount of confidence. I now have the technique to play on my front and back foot through the knowledge that Mark has passed on to me. Mark has a great deal of experience and his teaching methods really work. Thanks for all your help Mark!"  Nick - Player

"Mark’s coaching is great! He has taught me a lot about leg-spin bowling and has told me how to bowl some variations of leg-spin too. My bowling has improved a lot thanks to Mark"s coaching. He has also told me about how I can improve my batting too. I have had my highest batting scores ever thanks to Mark."
Jeremy - Player

"Mark is without a doubt the best coach i have ever had. The way he relates to you as a player is just apart of the service he provides. Mark has without a doubt been able to improve me as a player and also get consistency in my performances, at a time where this factor was a problem in my leg spinning career. I would totally recomend Mark to any leg spinner out there as a coach, as he knows what it is like to be a spinner. And that is very important when being coached the art of leg spinning."
James - Player

"It comes to a stage in a parents coaching career of their child that it unfortunately just falls on deaf ears... What Mark does is he observes, listens, then talks, explains and suggests to the kids where they can improve and modify aspects of their game. In Mark’s approach with the children he improves their skills overall in all aspects of cricket. In my son’s case his average from the previous season has gone from 12 to 40 plus in club cricket. But the most important thing is my son has changed from being a slogger and crossed bat player to a batsman where he now plays shots on the offside, now blocks balls on the stumps, uses his feet effectively and now lets ball pass him bye which shows better ball selection and completely straightened his batting style up. My son’s bowling has changed also with him keeping his head up and focussing on the target and shortening his run-up. And most importantly is that my son has completely enjoyed his sessions with Mark. The transition from slogger to batsman has occurred over 6 months with his rep cricket and school cricket improving week in week out, and with this his technique, confidence and ability constantly improving.
Thanks Mark job well done!!!!!" - a Father 

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